2.4: Getting Your 2017 Goal Setting "Weight Up"

2.4: Getting Your 2017 Goal Setting "Weight Up"

To be honest, the last week of the year and the first week of the new year are always my favorite. The time between Christmas and New Year’s feels pregnant with energy, introspection and possibility, and I use that energy to set goals. I did an entire episode all about the process back in October 2016, but here’s a 4-step guide to drilling down to set actionable drugs, just in time for the New Year! So, let's dig into how to get our goal-setting "weight up" in 2017!

find setting quarterly goals and resolutions most effective. It helps me approach tasks and projects on a quarterly or seasonal schedule I create for myself--the same way a business would do quarterly sales projections and quarterly reports, for “Brionna, Inc.,” breaking things down in that way helps me keep everything in perspective!

#Protip: New to goal-setting and want to make it stick? Start small--weekly or monthly goals work wonders. You’ll get addicted to the progress. What can you build, and who can you serve, in a month?

1. Take An Assessment

curlBOX Founder and CEO Myleik Teele is no stranger to radical self-examination--it's one of her most-talked about principles on social media and her own podcast, Myleik Teele's Podcast.

BUT! Before you're whisked away to the world of vision boards and #NewYearNewMe challenges, critically look at your successes, struggles, developments, accomplishments and overall state of mind. What worked? What didn't? I call this step my "monthly remix," where I write out 3-4 wins (big and small) from the month before, areas I've grown in, and what I want to work on next. 

2. Treat Yo' Self!

Honor yourself! What did you accomplish this month, and what are you grateful for? In 2016, I collected a lot of great feedback on this podcast, completed the first season and started work on the second season, ALL WHILE doing a rebranding! I kept up with volunteering with Junket NYC (mentorship program), NYABJ. I committed to serving with my church, and I got my candle shop up and running! Wins all around! 


Because I have quarterly goals and annual goals, the mantra/ words I live by. Those words are ‘DOMAIN EXPERTISE.’ I’m striving to be someone who’s an expert in my space, and knows my role and contribution deeply.


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s I make my weekly and monthly to-do lists, I focus on action-based tasks that can move the needle across my goal areas, or at least give me more information to make a more informed decision. Creating goal areas helps me figure out action-based tasks, and budget time and energy for various areas of my life: Self care learning, home, health, Bri Books podcast, finances, professional, friends and family, spiritual, personal, service,, fun adventure, reading

Tell me how you set goals--what are your goals for 2017? Do you do vision boards? prayers/ devotionals? What do you do and use to keep yourself accountable? Show me on Twitter, on Instagram and Facebook as @bribookspod using #BriBooks on Instagram and Twitter! I hope this demystified goal setting for you. Of course, I need to know what you’re reading and looking forward to in 2017!

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