4.14: "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

4.14: "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

Season five finale, discussing “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. Thank you for a great season four! In this episode, we’re breaking down “Becoming,” and sharing a few #Becoming101 insights.

Much love to Well-Read Black Girl community and founder Glory Edim, for dedicating their December book club to “Becoming.” Joining the conversation via #WRBGChat was such a treat.

  • 4:00 - “Becoming Me” and the crystalizing moments Michelle experienced as a child tha solidified the foundation for who she would “become.”

  • 6:00 - ‘Becoming Us” and the musings of Michelle on mid-career, marriage, motherhood and beyond

  • 7:20 - “Becoming More,” and Michelle molding her FLOTUS platform to her values and priorities

  • 9:00 - #Becoming101: Michelle is teaching us to “become” by dating, by iterating, and by being bougie

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