4.7 "Boss Bride" by Charreah K. Jackson Part 2

4.7 "Boss Bride" by Charreah K. Jackson Part 2

Welcome back to Bri Books! We’re back with part 2, the conclusion to our discussion about the book “Boss Bride” by Charreah K. Jackson.THANKS to everyone who let me know you’re reading or have read Boss Bride! Shoutout to @brownsugarhoney3, @itspaulana, @joimariewrites who are reading Boss Bride.

 Here’s part one of the Bri Books “Boss Bride” recap.

Now that I’m done reading the book, I wanted to go deeper past top takeaways into what I really noticed about the book. With self help books, I always bookmark and swear I’ll come back to them. But "Boss Bride" did something different--it weaved together the experience-based stories and the learnings. It’s like memoir-meets-manual.

I'm sharing sharing three deep, integral patterns and behaviors that I noticed that are integral to being a "Boss Bride."

#1: Affirmations are real

In the book, Charreah dedicates part of a chapter to affirmations. She says, “The increase in activity I experience now is not an accident. All things that come through my door have been awaiting my arrival as well. I’m ready for an onslaught of responsibility, and in that I stay accountable to my spirit, self, health and wellbeing.”  Affirmations aren’t about making something up out-of-the-blue. It’s about affirming a reality.

Definition of affirm:

"To state as fact, assert strongly and publicly. Affirmation is the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.”

 I can’t wait to make my own affirmations and decide what I’m affirming. As they say on Tea with Queen and J podcast, ‘What are you affirming to be true and fact?’

#2: Don’t let grass grow under your feet!

Charreah stays busy at conferences, retreats, symposiums, events! It’s a beautiful thing to stay busy and out in the world.  It reminds me of the Patricia Bright’s YouTube video from 2014, “Dealing with Loneliness.” She says, when you’re lonely, take up a new skill!

 #3: Release judgement on how things should look, and focus on goals, especially with relationships.

Relationships are heavy and messy, because humans are heavy and messy. Charreah says, “Accepting the vulnerability and giving someone else the power to impact my life, is a process.”  I read the book “The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions In the Midst of Endless Demands” by Lysa TerKeurst. It spoke about how relationships will always need work, so just jump in now and get to work fixing and building them.

I hope you enjoyed this part two breakdown of “Boss Bride,” thank you to @brownsugarhoney3, @itspaulana, @joimariewrites! I’ll be mailing my book to a friend :) Have you read #BossBride? Use #bribooks. Pick up the book on Amazon, and check out all that Charreah does!  Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using #BriBooks. Subscribe to newsletter at

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