3.1: "Why I Took 3 Vacations in 6 Months"

3.1: "Why I Took 3 Vacations in 6 Months"

I decided I wanted to do an episode that talks about the recent travel I’ve been experiencing. If you’ve consistently listened, you’ll know I spent a week in Ubud, Bali in February before going to Cuba at the top of March. I just completed my third vacation on the Amalfi Coast.The purpose of this episode is to give overview of what I’ve learned after taking 3 personal trips in 6 months.

Here's what I learned after taking three international vacations in six months! This episode is NOT sponsored by Travel Noire or #TNExperiences--I’m just sharing the love. If you’re interested in my post college story, I want to let you know I’m sharing all my tips and tricks about job interviews, informational, and way more via my Bri Books Podcast newsletter. To get this content weeks and weeks before it goes online, just sign up for newsletter. I’m prepared to give everything away, for you to make the first or second summer out of college really pop and you hit the ground running in September. Because you’re not going back to school! That’s

A bit of background--I’m not a millionaire. I have a full-time job. But last year, I decided that in 2017, I wanted to force myself to confront my work anxiety by purchasing 3 TN Experiences I knew I didn't want to spend another year dreaming of all the places I wanted to go. I looked up and realized I had these vacation days, and money saved, and I knew when I travelled I wanted to do it very intentionally. And travel noire is a travel company that focuses on helping travelers have very intentional vacations. Everything from personal cooking classes in Bali, to yoga in a rice paddy to taking a hike up one of the steepest paths on Amalfi Coast to surfing in Indian Ocean to understanding point of views of Afro-Cubans in Cuba, my travels have been challenging and rewarding.

In this episode:

BALI - How missing my international flight to Bali taught me that it's about how you respond to uncertainty and mistakes that shape the overall experience you have.


CUBA - How traveling to Cuba taught me to give grace to the moment when things don't go according to plan, by learning to soothe myself. When things are choppy and uncertain, what do you do to ground yourself?


ITALY - I kicked off summer 2017 by spending a week and a half on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. What I learned while in Italy was how to let myself digest the moment. Italy taught me that it’s important to lean into the discomfort especially when it comes to meeting new people and being in a new place. Not to be so concerned with appearing cool, but being open, honest with myself and my feelings.


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 I’m so grateful I’ve been financially blessed to be able to carry 3 international trips. The next things in my radar are all work or friend related. We’re doing duffel bags and backpacks! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve learned about myself and what I’ve learned by travelling.

 I recommend you check out Travel Noire! Being in touch with the trip--Instagram, email, or trips. I highly recommend it. This podcast isn’t sponsored by TN, I just know that going on these vacations has helped me deal with my workplace anxiety. My vacation days are mine. There’s nothing wrong if the world doesn't fall apart. All these trips have made that a nonnegotiable for me, and it’s made me get clearer on the work I enjoy doing, which is what I’m doing!

The episode featuring Cyndii Johnson, "The Defining Decade"

Travel Noire links: Travel Noire site, Instagram, #TNExperiences and CEO Zim’s Instagram

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