Cookbooks & Building Confidence in the Kitchen Feat. @SliceAndTorte

Cookbooks & Building Confidence in the Kitchen Feat. @SliceAndTorte

Let’s talk cookbooks, featuring Slice and Torte” podcast hosts Danielle and Sherrod--the cookbooks the ones that changed our lives, the ones that challenged our pallets, and the ones that never should’ve been printed.

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“Slice & Torte” podcast is a conversation about food as if it were pop culture. Two cooks from different perspectives, Danielle and Sherrod, love to “make food that’s simple and delicious, and warms the soul.”


“By day,” Danielle is a Senior Analyst for a healthcare company and Sherrod is a UX Designer for a medical device company. “By night,” they cook too much, buy too many plates, and create “Slice and Torte”.

 In this episode:

  • How Sherrod and Danielle decided to share their passion for food through podcasting.

  • Best cookbooks for building confidence in the kitchen

  • Why cooking is the highest form of magic


The Four Cookbook #BriBooks

-Chrissy Teigen's “Cravings”

-”How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman

-“Rodale’s Garden Fresh Cooking”

-“Vintage Pies” by Ann Haney Collins

Cookbooks for building confidence: “The Martha Stewart Cooking School,Cook with Jamie” by Jamie Oliver.

  “Cooking is the highest form of magic. it’s the only way I know to stop time, to cure disease, to completely change a good day from a bad day. Understanding that at ones core is so fulfilling, because when you can do that, you can do things like change your outlook!” - Sherrod Faulk, “Slice & Torte” podcast

 “What I’ve learned is that there's only suggestions, there’s no rules. The kitchen is the one place where literally what I want goes. No one can tell me what to do. I can try whatever I want to try. For me, that’s very freeing and relaxing. And I’ve learned, there’s nothing I can’t make. Even if it doesn’t exist yet, I can make it and invent it. I’ve also learned, it’s OK to fail. But, that sense of failure is so freeing, and I don’t know many other places where you can feel good about failing other than the kitchen.” - Danielle Jones, “Slice & Torte” podcast.

#BriBooks Cookbook #1: “Rodale’s Garden Fresh Cooking” and eating with the seasons/ seasonality.

“Rodale’s Garden Fresh Cooking” my go-to for ingredient-based cooking. Each chapter focuses on a specific crop. Listen to “Bri Books all about “Rodale’s Garden Fresh Cooking,” featuring the incredible @ABeautifulNest.

 #Bribooks Cookbook #2: “Vintage Pies:Classic American Pies for Today's Home Baker” by Anne Collins. These aren’t your aunty’s sweet potato and pumpkin pies. Danielle gives her take on a few bizarre pies from America’s history, including Amber Pie, Boiled Cider Pie, Grape Pie...and Jefferson Davis Pie.

 29:30 #Bribooks Cookbook #3: “Cravings” by Chrissy Teigen. One of the strengths of the book is that it felt like a quick trip to the grocery store could pull off all recipes--no specialty store required.


GAME TIME! Let’s play “Read It, Reading It, Wrote It,” inspired by “Slice & Torte’s “Love It, Hate It, Ate It segments!

“Read It” =  a book you feel like you read and it taught you something about uncovering passions, etc

“Reading It” = A book you’re reading or want to read next

“Wrote It” = The book that resonated with you so deeply, you feel you could’ve written it!


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