#MTYRetreat 2019 Recap and Takeaways

#MTYRetreat 2019 Recap and Takeaways

Two weeks ago, the #MTYRetreat took place at Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico. To say it was transformative...would be an understatement. I’ve enlisted @SwirlSuite Podcast co-host and producer Sarita Cheaves (@vinemeup) to help me unpack the magic behind CURLBOX founder Myleik Teele’s second annual retreat. In this episode, we’re going deep on our experiences at #MTYRetreat, the second annual retreat hosted by CURLBOX founder and CEO Myleik Teele. Myleik offers unfiltered advice on everything from business to parenthood on her “Myleik Teele’s podcast” platform.

The #MTYRetreat was designed as “a curated getaway inspired by next-level luxury and the cultural experiences of Myleik.” The goal was the restore, transform and edify attendees. The MTYRetreat consisted of a 4-day, 3-night experience at Nizuc Resort and Spa, a  AAA 5 Diamond Award-winning resort, complete with masterclass workshops, fireside chats/ cocktails and conversations, and so much dancing.

Sarita was a first-time MTYRetreat attendee, and I was coming back for second year. In this episode we’re sharing our favorite takeaways and moments from the retreat. We have so much gratitude for the CURLBOX team, Myleik, Karleen Roy and The Vanity Group for making magic. Sarita is a wine writer and producer of "Swirl Suite,” a podcast that's all about wine, liquor, spirits, beer, and life.

Who is Myleik? Founder and CEO of CURLBOX, Myleik’s receipts print THEMSELVES! She’s an entrepreneur and PR extraordinare and she’s so intensely devoted to black women gathering our resources, talents, and ambitions.

How Sarita discovered Myleik: via Side Hustle Pro podcast! Sarita heard Myleik on an episode, and immediately had to acquaint herself with Myleik’s work. Sarita says Myleik’s words are incredible: “Her words of encouragement are extremely firm and clear. There’s no fluff. I love everything about it.”

Myleik wanted to teach us what she didn’t know. So, she hosted #MTYRetreat with support from her multi-hyphenate baddie brigade: Bestselling author Luvvie Ajayi, ministry leader Sarah Jakes Roberts, Blavity founder Morgan DeBaun, creator of Karma Bliss and author of “Crystal Bliss Devi Brown, “Insecure” star Yvonne Orji, style and fashion journalist extraordinaire Kahlana Barfield-Brown, and founder of XONecole Necole Kane.

Sarita describes her first moments at MTYRetreat, from the flight touching down at the airport to pulling up at the Nizuc Resort and Spa lobby: “We touched down and I walked into the lobby. The scene from the lobby, where you can spot the water, left me breathless. I stood there for a moment and took it in, like, “Wow I don’t know what I’m in for, but my life is about to change.”

The first night of the retreat was a fun dinner-cocktail party, complete with a gorgeously set, long dining table. There was such ease in the room as attendees mingled. Brionna says, “I kept feeling like everyone was putting in the same energy. Everyone wanted to be there.”

On Saturday, we began with a Saturday Sunrise Service and a morning word by Sarah Jakes Roberts, a ministry leader and best-selling author. Jakes-Roberts lead a Sunrise Service, where all were welcome to participate, dress in white, walk to the edge of the ocean on the beach, and share a spiritual yet grounding moment. Later in the afternoon we boarded a catamran (named “The Retreat by Myleik” and set sail for lunch.

There was a huge breadth of experiences and people present at the retreat. Not everyone needed to have a “side hustle” or have something “going on.” So much of the programming was directed toward pouring back into everyone who attended MTYRetreat. Seeing connections made in real-time, and watching the “accelerated collisions” was incredible. The moments of clarity and connection will keep reverberating. Nothing “ends” at the MTYRetreat--it’s where everything takes off.

To kick off Sunday’s #MTYRetreat Masterclass series, Myleik invited at least a half dozen of the most interesting, multifaceted people in her world to offer insights. The first to masterclass speaker was Devi Brown, founder of lifestyle and wellness company Karma Bliss, and author of “Crystal Bliss.” Devi was so efervescent yet stabilizing. Her discussion on purpose:”Purpose is using your unique gifts, unique abilities to be of service to others.”

Devi’s meditation according to Sarita: “We had to close our eyes, and respond to ourselves. She kept saying, “Who are you?” Not mom or wife--that’s who you are to others---who are YOU? Outside of a professional career or titles, who ARE you?! Devi also said, “You’re only you to yourself.” THINK ON THAT!

Morgan DeBaun, founder of Blavity, offered a workshop about working smart. Why Sarita loved Morgan: “She took the emotion out of setting goals.”

Yvonne Orji shut it DOWN with her energy, her story, and her vulnerability. During a cocktails and conversations session with Myleik, Yvonne shared her “origin story,” and why she pushed towards being an actor. “What resonate with me (Sarita) was that she (Yvonne) said she auditioned for “Insecure” for five times, because one person she was competing with was doing great, but they plateaued in the audition. However, as Yvonne kept coming back, she kept taking notes and getting better and better. The team said, ‘If she’s getting better just from notes, just imagine how great she’ll be with producers and a director.” WOW!

Sarita’s MTYRetreat action item: Identifying CEO and operational tasks, a la Morgan deBaun.

Brionna’s MTYRetreat action item: Be a good human, a la Yvonne Orji. Being considerate, compassionate and courteous are skills. Yes, you can be FAIR and NICE at the same time. Devi’s quote, “The lessons repeat as needed” HIT ME HARD!

SO MUCH LOVE to Ms. Diana on the CURLBOX team, for being such a rockstar. Periodt.

Final thoughts: MTYRetreat was worth it 100%! We’re still reaping the benefits, and will do so going forward. Sarita’s expectations were exceeded. She says, “I don’t know what I needed when I got there, but I certainly received it when I left.”

Brionna’s #bribooks is from Sarita! “Lost in the City", a book of short stories about DC, by Edward P. Jones.

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