Season 5: "Heart & Hustle" Feat. Patricia Bright

Season 5: "Heart & Hustle" Feat. Patricia Bright

Welcome to season five of Bri Books!

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We’re kicking off the season with Patricia Bright, businesswoman, YouTube queen and author of “Heart & Hustle: Use Your Passion, Build Your Brand, Achieve Your Dreams.” Patricia has earned over 2.7M YouTube subscribers, and just hit 1M on Instagram. I've followed Patricia Bright since the late 2000’s on YouTube and Longhaircareforum, and it’s such a treat to be able to celebrate the platform she’s created.

*Note on audio: You’ll hear a small sound of me typing furiously in the background during the interview. I apologize!

In the book, Patricia discusses how being consistent is the challenge of our lives, and one we must rise to daily. Patricia shares her untold story, and comes at us with the big 3: Brand, Business, Beliefs. With this book, Patricia is teaching us to find our grinds, and identify our sweet spots where passions and unique skills find the perfect audience.

In This Episode:

  • How Patricia applied for and earned an investment banking internship…even though she didn’t have the grades and failed the admittance test…and what the experience taught her about the nature of limitations

  • Patricia on learning to be a stronger networker: “Networking should be active, and start on an honest point of interest.”

  • While Patricia was writing “Heart and Hustle,” she created one of her most successful YouTube series organically, the “I Spent” series wherein she shops online retailers, and brings her YouTube audience along as she tries on and reviews new purchases.

  • Patricia on the science of building an audience: Writing down and executing ideas, and planning content are key! These two concepts are transformative because it takes the in-the-moment pressure away. 

  • What’s making Patricia say “What a time to be alive”? She’s excited about is the fact that knowledge and wisdom will be open for everyone. Patricia says, “We’re in the generation of we all have the same knowledge, so let’s work. It’s important to me: for people to learn, have access to information. That’s where the passion lies.”

Patricia’s #BriBooks current read: “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear


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Bri Books Season 5 Premieres April 16th!

Bri Books Season 5 Premieres April 16th!