"Drop The Ball" Feat. Tiffany Dufu

"Drop The Ball" Feat. Tiffany Dufu

Today’s episode took me to Harlem, NY to meet with and interview Tiffany Dufu, author of “Drop The Ball: Achieving More By Doing Less" and Chief Leadership Officer @ Levo, a platform and community that helps millennials navigate and design careers they love. Enough about her resume! Here’s what’s going to be on her tombstone: “She got to as many women as she could.”

I discovered “Drop The Ball” via the Call Your Girlfriend podcast!  Ann Friedman interviewed Dufu in early 2017, and just like that, “Drop The Ball” was added to my summer 2017 reading list.

In this episode, Tiffany and I talk through a couple of exercises on how to #DropTheBall in our own lives. Check out Levo League at, and follow Tiffany’s work online and on Twitter.

  • We go inside Tiffany’s portfolio career--starting with her life mission: “My life’s work is advancing women and girls. That’s why I’m on the planet.”

  • Why it was so important for Tiffany that she let go of the insidious feeling of guilt associated with not being *good enough* to *all people* at *all times.* 

  • Wait, who said you had to carry all these balls, anyway?  Tiffany says, “The exploration of ‘why do I feel this way,’ and ‘where is this pressure coming from,’ is an important A-ha! moment we all have to create for ourselves. It’s a humbling experience to recognize and reconcile the fact that what we feel and think are our choices, are pretty much default positions. And even though we feel we’re in the driver's seat of our lives, we’re actually living someone else’s story. But until we curate that story and create  a new job description for what it means to be a good X, we haven't done the work and will continue to be in the spiral of trying to meet other people’s expectations that aren’t our own.”

Tiffany’s #Bribooks:

  • Insight,” by Tasha Eurich - “If I’d had this book as I was going through my #DropTheBall journey, I would've cut it down by 12 months.”

  • The Power of Onlyness,” by Neila Merchant. “I’m always struck by books I complete and take action on as a result of reading it.”

  • The Big Life,” by Ann Shoket. “I recommend it to my millennial colleagues!”

Connect with Tiffany

Check out Levo League at, and follow Tiffany’s work online and on Twitter.

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3.8 - "Get Your Sh*t Together"

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3.6 "The Wine Savant" feat. @SwirlSuite