3.6 "The Wine Savant" feat. @SwirlSuite

3.6 "The Wine Savant" feat. @SwirlSuite

Today’s episode is an interview with the women behind “The Swirl Suite,” a squad of women of color in the wine and spirit professionals from DC to Paris. We met via #PodcastLinkUp Twitter chat, traded wine book recommendations, and the rest is Internet history! I'm so thrilled to have @Swirlsuite as my first collaboration episode EVER! Shoutout @podcastsincolor <3


“The Wine Savant: A Guide to the New Wine Culture” by Michael Steinberger.

I picked the book up a couple of years ago while still working my first ~job~ post-college, at NBC News. The book focuses on the basics of wine through the lens of French wine culture. A vacation to the Amalfi Coast changed everything for me when it came to tasting wine, and I read Steinberger’s work in between sips.

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Connect with the Swirlsuite:

On this episode, we get into:

How Melissa (@The_LiquorLady) found out her dream job even EXISTED, and why she LOVED the entry-level phase of her career.

Tanisha (@girlmeetsglass) started visiting winers in the DC area when she wanted to avoid her MBA program. How an incredible conversation with a winemaker unlocked a road to wine marketing that led her to the French countryside.

Sarita (@vinemeup) took a trip to Napa in her 20's, and acme back home a different person. "I loved the spirits of the wineries!" She dove head-first into learning about wine...and then she started running out of money. She reached out to every winery in Maryland, offering to work on the weekends. @Black Ankle Vineyards answered the call, and Sarita never looked back. 

Why Leslie (@Vino301) begged to do inventory at a premiere wine shop in DC, and what the experience taught her about building communities and relationships in the wine industry on the *other* side of the shelf. 

It's harvest time in Maryland and Virginia! Want to get into the vines?! Do research online and find a local winery seeking harvest help. You'll often get paid in free lunch, aaaand free wine! @Vino301 drops the gems on how to turn a day in the vines into an evening of free wine.

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