3.14 - "We're Going to Need More Wine" Feat. @SwirlSuite

3.14 - "We're Going to Need More Wine" Feat. @SwirlSuite

On today's epi, we sip and savor Gabrielle Union's "We're Going to Need More Wine" with the @SwirlSuite podcast. HUGE congrats to Gabrielle on her New York Times BESTSELLING book! In this episode: Meet Sarita (@vinemeup), Leslie (Vino301 Wine Concierge) and Glynis (Vino_Noire) of the Swirl Suite podcast! The Swirl Suite is “a glam squad of certified wine & spirit professionals who give the tea on what’s happening in the wine world.” Swirl Suite is on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Twitter

Shout out to A recent series on The Longest Shortest Time podcast recently completed a series “It’s A Real Mother,” about the nuanced ways motherhood creeps into a woman’s earning power over course of her career and life.

On place Gabrielle Union holds in our hearts as an actress, and the moment she won us over:

Leslie of @vino301: “Before reading the book, I wasn’t necessarily an admirer of her work, but I knew her as an actress. Then, when I saw “ESSENCE” Women in Film and she received the award, she did her famous mean girls speech, I was like “Okay!” I have an appreciation, I’m going to give her a second chance, and have a newfound respect for her.

What members of the Swirl Suite say when faced with the incredibly presumptive question, “Why don’t you have kids?”

Sarita of @vinemeup's story: “I’ve been married for five years and we don’t want to have kids. People ask, ‘What are you waiting for? Why don’t you have kids?’ I was at a dinner party, and [my partner and I] had just come back from Paris. At the party, I was telling all the Parisian stories, and someone said, ‘Why don’t you have kids?’ It’s like, ‘Is that what you got from my story?! Wow. Because I’m a churchgoer and I’ve grown up in the church, I still get it—even worse!”


On the chapter “Black Woman Blues,” and Leslie (@vino_noire)'s own experiences with colorism and internalized racism across generations

“In the book, Gabrielle she talks about how her mother’s side of the family is more fair-skinned than she (Gabrielle) is. My mother’s family is much more fair-skinned than I am. As kids, we spent more time with my mom’s side than my dad’s. Even to this day, I felt that way growing up as a kid that I didn’t fit into the family. I understand that stigma she had, and trying to feel like she was part of that family.”

On our favorite chapters

Brionna’s favorite chapter: “Open House.” “In the chapter, the point she’s making is that her mom exposed her at a younger age what it looks like to go somewhere you’ve never seen. These houses would be humongous and very expensive, but it’s the idea that ‘Your reality can be expanded 100-fold.”

Sarita’s favorite chapter: “Mittens,” and how a run-in with prejudiced women on a Chicago sidewalk led Gabrielle to deconstruct the micro-aggression behind what about her could be perceived as “threatening.”

What the Swirl Suite is looking forward to in 2018!

  • Glynis: Debt-free living, and an upcoming trip to Bali
  • Leslie: Planning upcoming vino301 programming, and growing more efficient and organized
  • Sarita: A new side gig producing a podcast, and completing a production certification class
  • Brionna: I’m excited to put my energy behind the Bri Books podcast, and go full-force 100%

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