4.3 - Restoring Balance and Margin 101

4.3 - Restoring Balance and Margin 101

Close your eyes (metaphorically), and remember the last time you felt “behind.” That looming, vague emotion that makes us believe there’s a huge gap between where we are and where we *ought* to be. Remember? Good. Open your eyes (metaphorically, still), and say aloud (literally this time,) “I’m not behind, I’m right on time, and the best is still to come.” Feeling better?

Today’s episode is a solo show, all about how I’m working to restore margin in my life, and the podcasts hosted by women of color that are helping me get (and stay!) within the margins. Nobody has to tell you how busy you are. The lists, the chores, the X the Y the Z, and then there’s the YOU. But this year, I'm remembering that you take you everywhere you go. Therefore, margin is key.

What’s Margin?

Margin as defined by Pastor Daryl Dash: “Margin is a little reserve that you’re not using up. You’re not stretched to the limit. You’re not going from one meeting to the next with no space in between. Margin is the space between my load and my limit.”

I first learned about margin from a recent sermon at The Journey Church about finding balance by establishing margin. I knew the message was juts *meant* for me. I’m including my notes from the message in the Bri Books newsletter!

Here are the two ways I'm working to restore margin in my life, and the podcasts hosted by women of color that are helping me get (and stay!) inside the margins!

Finding Margin In Taking Care of Myself

When my anxiety is in full-swing, self-care is the first to go--I devalue my own body first. I'll fall asleep exhausted and unfulfilled, and some nights I’d forget to brush my teeth and perform my skincare routine. “The Naked Beauty” podcast  really got through to me. It’s a podcast hosted by Brooke DeVard, and it’s “an unfiltered talk about beauty trends, tips and products.” What I learned from podcast is that, when things go wrong, I can’t make myself optional.

Finding Margin In My Calendar

Let's think: Do you have regular commitments? Of course you do. And then, there’s the one-off engagements, the appointments, and what I like to call “Life Admin.” Maybe you only have three prime hours in the evening and morning around a work or school schedule.

When my schedule’s out of whack and I'm too busy to recharge let alone do the work I'm supposed to do, I realize there’s a cliff for me. I find myself beyond my margin, limit and load when I'm not impeccable with my word. The “Side Hustle Pro” podcast episode hosted by Nicaila Matthews Okome featuring Charreah Jackson got me thinking about being impeccable with my word. “Side Hustle Pro” is a podcast that helps creative entrepreneurs grow their passions into money makers. Listening to the most recent episode featuring Charreah Jackson hustle pro restores the reality that we control our time and we control the projects we want to give energy to. Choosing one over the other doesn't mean you can’t accomplish both. It’s just a decision about where you choose to put your energy.

What I love about the conversation featuring “Boss Bride” author Charreah Jackson is that it reminded me of the old adage Ilove--you can do everything, just not at the same time. Charreah understand sand has devoted her time to helping people understand what they can do, so they can do something else. I can’t wait to read Charreah’s book!

I've had a good time recording this episode. I can’t wait to read together for July, “Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love and Success” by Charreah Jackson. If you’ve already read boss bride, tweet me with #bribooks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this style of podcast. If you're’ into these deep dive episodes of Bri Books, let me know.

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