4.2: A Conversation with @PodcastsInColor Founder Berry

4.2: A Conversation with @PodcastsInColor Founder Berry

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On this episode, we welcome founder of PodcastsInColor, Berry. PodcastsInColor is the largest directory for and by podcasts of color. The founder, Berry, has recently launched her very OWN podcast –"Podcasts in Color: The Podcast.Wow.

Berry is a lover of podcasts, and always creditsThe Read and "Myleik Teele's Podcast" for introducing her to the medium. She decided to convert her love for the medium into helping others find connection via podcasts. You couldn't ask for a better fan or advocate than Berry. She’s helped to create and curate the podcast community for people of color in what is STILL a white-dominated medium. She encourages people to use #podin and #podsincolor.

On this episode:
We discuss Berry’s top tips and tricks for being more professional in the podcasting world, why show notes and self-editing are SO IMPORTANT to the user experience, our biggest podcast pet peeves, and more.

Berry on the podcasts that stole her heart:
“I associate everything with The Read because they were having conversations that I wanted to hear, but with a fresh perspective. From there, it was Myleik Teele’s podcast.”

On our favorite episodes of “The Read” podcast to re-listen to:
Brionna’s faves: “Da Hee,” the Trina Episode, and “The Best of 2015.” Berry’s fave: “The Mang-o-rita Experiment,” and any episode where the hosts are drinking in studio  

Berry on podcast discovery:
“I look to the graphic to draw me in, the different way they market themselves. I like things that aren't talking about the same thing. I’m more interested in something unique than someone’s take that I probably saw all over Twitter. I’m looking for something fresh.”

Berry’s podcast pet peeves:
“I’m learning I have to meet everyone where they are. Not everyone's here to get sponsors or make money with it. I want more details because of discovery--good episode notes help with SEO and in future will help with discovery.”

“The way some people market with hashtags, especially on Twitter—for me, the most hashtags I can deal with is four. You can do some hashtags on one post, and others on another post. I don’t think some people think of spreading things out like that.”

Brionna’s podcast pet peeves:
“A run-on conversation or a pointless conversation is the fastest way to get me to unsubscribe. Editing is key for me.”

Oh, another pet peeve is NO SHOW NOTES!

Berry on the significance of show notes on podcasts
“When you’re trying to showcase yourself for a future opportunity, you need show notes. If I were trying to get a podcast job, I’d want them to see I’m detailed and what I can bring to the team, and that my own podcast has notes.”

“Show notes show seriousness. Some people transcribe their episodes--not everyone can listen to audio--and it’s a good way to get SEO. I think show notes show seriousness. Some people transcribe their show notes--because not everyone can listen to audio.”

What Berry has learned by parlaying her passion for podcasts into opportunities to advocate on the behalf of listeners:

“I learn a lot at podcast conferences and podcast meetups. That’s how I’ve stablished a lot of relationships that help me continue to do what I do. It’s mostly still trying to keep it fresh. I’m always on Twitter, but always asking for feedback. It’s about taking it all in, and remixing what I'm hearing to make a better thing.”

“Podcasts that tape panels are great free resources (WerkIt). Things that are free--podcasts conferences online are valuable with hashtags. People pay hundreds to be in the room.

On Apple Podcasts v The World:
“There’s a bunch of things we haven’t thought about, ways to change how people see podcasts and how podcasts tell stories. A person was listening to podcasts on Stitcher through the app on their car’s dashboard. Nothing against the “Purple App” (Apple Podcasts), but I think right now it’s about making sure you’re EVERYWHERE so it’s easy for people to find you. Think, how can I shorten the clicks so that someone downloads me, listens, and isn’t frustrated by the process?”

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